Refund Policy

For criminal checks and other instant search products:

Edge Information Management, Inc. &  (EDGE) does not give credits or refunds for any of its furnished reports even when no records are found.  We incur costs for every search we conduct on behalf of our clients and/or their applicants and therefore offer no refunds for any of our completed reports (orders providing search results with or without criminal/public record data are considered completed transactions).

Edge Information Management, Inc. &  (EDGE) will not issue a refund for the following:

Refund or Cancellation
If you place an order with EDGE and you do not get back the record results that should have been returned to you based on the coverage stated in our search descriptions, you are eligible for a full refund for your order.  Before you place an order, it is imperative that you read the search description of the state or states you are performing the background check in; to ensure you understand what you are purchasing.  If the description does not include coverage of the area you want searched, OR records pulled do not go back as far as you want, OR certain conviction types that you are looking for are not pulled (like misdemeanor or infraction offenses) do not place the order, as you will not get the search results you are looking for.